A new shopping experience to make your customers smile.

In light of changes to the retail industry, we created a digital-first solution that balances human connections, personalisation, and storytelling.


Our integrated video, audio, chat, email and messaging services facilitate conversations between sales associates and their clients. Sales teams can connect with clients 1-to-1 or at scale for livestream selling.


Real-time access to CRM systems mean your sales teams have valuable insights to use when servicing a customer. They can provide suggestions based on a client’s previous purchase history and wishlist items. The dashboard also presents feedback from a client’s interaction so your sales associate can improve their next customer interaction.

Data & Analysis

The platform collects data to provide an understanding of customer and sales associate engagement, merchandising, inventory, and sales.

Digital content

Digital content is a key driver of retail sales - providing consumers with context and inspiration as they make shopping decisions. Our platform presents rich storytelling content from diverse sources directly alongside your inventory catalogue.


Your customer journey is designed to align with your marketing strategy. Whether your sales teams are sending out gift guides to a large client group, responding to request for assistance via your e-commerce site, or following up on individual conversations, Storetale offers numerous ways to begin or continue engaging with new or repeat customers.


Connect with your existing software systems for inventory management, CRM, e-commerce, payments, and communication to create one point of access to all necessary information and tools.

Engage with your customers anytime and anywhere.