Offer your clients the benefits of shopping in person within the comfort of their home.

Customer receives URL link to unique journey via email, text, WhatsApp or DM on social media

Customer views suggested inventory alongside engaging digital content

Customer explores selection with trusted sales associate via video, audio or chat

Customer purchases items using brand’s existing checkout process


Create inspiring mood boards to bring inventory to life

Our customer journeys always display inventory alongside engaging digital content. These images and videos give your clients context, inspiration and information about the products and brands they are buying.

Clients spend 4x longer viewing merchandise on Storetale’s platform*

*(compared to average time on e-commerce site)

You’ll love our remote selling platform:

  • - Connect with clients via video, audio or chat
  • - Add friends and family to the conversation
  • - Send clients a personal link to view their selection of inventory
  • - Update inventory in real-time while you’re live with the client
  • - Review and use data aggregated at the company level to inform your client conversations
  • - Review client feedback in real-time
    A native experience
  • - Keep the experience on brand and embed the platform within your website with one line of code