Engage with your customers anytime and anywhere.

Use our platform to connect with your client one-to-one and at scale.

We help you sell and connect

  • Accessible on any device (no need to download an app)
  • One line of code to embed the platform within your website
  • Multi-use functionality to connect with clients 1-to-1 and at scale

A platform for all devices

We want to remove friction for your customers so our platform can be accessed on any device - there is no need to download an app.

Embed our platform within your website

One line of code brings this experience directly to your audience and can be customized to fit any dimension.

Simple to setup, manage and grow

  • Step 1:
    Setup your company’s inventory and client information.
  • Step 2:
    Create customer journeys and relate storytelling content to your inventory
  • Step 3:
    Connect with your customers and analyse their engagement

See Storetale in action: