Storytelling conveys purpose and meaning - when absent, inventory is just product.

Our platform offers brands a digital solution to bring the most relevant and influential content directly into their sales channels to drive engagement and sales. The platform places images and videos, from a variety of sources, directly alongside inventory in a curated and visually stimulating way. We help consumers contextualize the items they’re interested in - providing the validation they need to make a purchase decision.

4x merchandise viewed with Storetale’s endless aisle

You’ll love our digital content module

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  • - We have partnered with photographers, media companies, publishers and content creators to use their images and videos within your platform
  • - Increase AOV and UPT by displaying an endless aisle with context
  • - Create emotional connections with customers by communicating a brand or product’s story
  • - Use diverse pieces of digital content to relate to a wider audience

We partner with media companies and content creators to present their influential and inspiring content directly in front of consumers. Partners have full control over which brands can access their content and receive real-time data on the ROI and engagement rates of their content.

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